Frisbee is new era high thrill rides; this is type of pendulum ride. Featuring a circular gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth. Riders are seated on the gondola facing inward or outward.

Roller Coaster

Wild Coaster is Roller coaster of high thrill family rides which is the star attraction of Dream World Amusement Park. This rides rushes up & down, turns left & right on circular Zig Zag track at very high speed as the passenger hold their breath well & scream to their heart content.

Ferris Wheel

This ride is trademark ride for any Amusement Park. This family ride is equipped with 14 Gondolas with total height of 21 meters. Each gondola can sit 4 people.

Spinning Car

Crazy spin car is a new type of entertainment device which drives on the track. Spinning Car is our excitement for the pursuit of minors with adults. It is a simulation run driving style theme, with bright dazzling lights, allowing visitors to stimulate the kind of feeling of being in the car while playing.

Horse Carousel

This is classic children ride which should be in Every Amusement park. This is most favorite ride of kids & family.

Adventure Zone

Adventure zone is great to experience, We have series of activities like Burma bridge, Scary Tyre wall, crawling tunnel, Roller walk, Commando net, Tyre Bridge, Ladder bridge, ladder Walk these are very popular specially in teenagers.

Hoodi Baba Water Park

Hoodi baba water park is featuring more than 7 Slides 8 Pool which gives you option to enjoy the water rides.

Family Train

An innovative joy ride that you may have seen in every carnival, a vehicle that has many carts behind it that allow passengers to get in so they can be taken on a tour. They are fun to drive in.

Ghost Gallery

Are you ready for the worst nightmare of your life? Come to The Haunting Experience and have a scary good time with us.

Lost World

The world which lost ages before comes alive, now you can see it. be ready to see the dinosaur who spout fire from mouth.

Gaming Zone

How can a place like Dream World be complete without a high end video game zone as what can be more amusing than some actions and adventures games that will give you an adrenaline rush that you have never experienced before like hammer, basketball, skating, and many more fun redemption games.


The Caterpillar is a circular ride with the cars following a track. The track is undulating meaning it has humps in it. There is a continious string of cars around the entire track.


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